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The Largest Castle in Sicily!

Castles – be they medieval, Norman, military fortresses, well-kept luxurious palaces, or ruined keeps – I’m in love with them all! No matter which country I travel to, I am never tired of exploring and discovering these architectural recipients of historical happenings! By the way, should you like to read some of my articles on a number of castles I’ve visited, please don’t hesitate to visit http://castles.today/ which is a Polish website I contribute to regularly (take a look at my uptake on Welsh, Scottish, Irish and Maltese historical castles amongst others).

Obviously, taking my interest in castles into account, I couldn’t NOT visit Sicily, one of my favorite vacation-spots, without also exploring a number of castles and palaces there.

There are many beautiful Castles in Sicily, such as the Castle of Venere in Erice (been there twice) or the Castle of Castelmola (blogposts on these places will be forthcoming soon-ish) however this time round, during my last trip to Sicily I visited a Castle which is less well known, though no less amazing.

This particular historical gem, is in fact the largest castle to be found on this Mediterranean island, that is, the Castle and Citadel of Milazzo. Found in the small town of Milazzo, in the southern part of Sicily, this romantic architectural treasure is resplendently obvious as it is situated on a hill, majestically lording it over the nearby countryside and port.

When we arrived, the local old guy selling tickets immediately befriended us and launched into the history of the castle, boasting about it as though it was his own home. He told us how the site itself had first been fortified in the Neolithic era, then manned by the Greeks, and later conquered and enlarged by the Normans, the Romans, and later the Aragonese (Spanish). Actually, it’s me the guy latched on to, since my boyfriend does not understand Italian, however I obviously couldn’t stand there bantering all day, so we finally managed to excused ourselves and went into the castle itself.

And it was HUGE. First of all, let me be clear, when I say ‘castle’, I mean the whole citadel of course, that is the castle, grounds, and surrounding buildings. The grounds are quite big, though overgrown with local plants and wild flowers, which was part of their charm. There was an old but well kept church sporting some crumbling frescoes, as well as a number of buildings hosting a museum, a children’s area, and a number of rooms dedicated to the Second World War.

The real wonder of the site however were the medieval ramparts, where one could delightfully gaze at the spectacular panorama of town, port, sea, and countryside simultaneously. 360 degrees of paradise!

Yes please!

If you visit Sicily in the near future, make sure to save some hours for Milazzo Castle. You won’t regret it!



New Travel Blog! Finally!

The idea of creating a second blog, one targeting solely my travel writing , has been on my mind for quiet a while. My original blog – Darkly Dreaming Moonsong – was created by yours truly a whopping 8 YEARS AGO. It is very dear to me… and yet, I lately realized that over the years it has developed into such a sprawling monster, tackling so many diverse issues, that things were becoming a bit crowded.

Another thing to take into account is that since I’m a freelance writer, I tend to have so many different articles and blogposts published on different publications and website domains, that I very often forget about them over time, which is a shame. This second blog is an attempt to at least try to collect most of my travel writing in one place, showcasing a travel portfolio not to mention a ‘go-to’ page for those who need certain suggestions and tips. Some of the blog-posts and articles featured here might have been previously published on other media platforms, in which case I will of course quote said publication or website.

I am NOT an IT person, so bear with me if there are certain hiccups. In fact I would truly appreciate it if you could let me know should there be menus, categories, or widgets which do not work as they should. I have been fiddling around trying to build this blog for days. First, I tried to use different domains, however none seemed to work for me. After banging my head against the screen a couple of times, I just decided to keep things simple and stick to what I already knew – meaning, WordPress. Again, things were still not easy, mainly because I am so inept at technical IT stuff. My forte are languages and artsy subjects after all. Scientific, analytical and technological thinking have never been my thing. And so, again, I found myself stumped. Trying out template after template and getting nowhere.

Until EUREKA finally I came across THIS template for beginners which must surely be the most simple one in existence since even I could understand it and work with it. A great big ‘Arigato’ to whoever designed it with dumb-IT people like me in mind lol.

It will take some time and even more work for me to shift past blog posts from my original blog to this one, and since I have so much stuff going on in my life at the moment, it will probably take even longer than I think. I will not be able to delete the ‘Travel’ section of my old blog until I shift all the articles here, so it will exist in tandem with this website for a while. When things are done, the two blogs will be two totally different babies. ‘Meandering M’ will deal solely with my travel experiences and know-how, while ‘DD-Moonsong’ will still host all my daily thoughts and struggles, not to mention book and movie reviews, observations about my own country, Malta, and will basically serve as a sort of diary.

Image source: Pandotrip

Of course, this new blog is kind of empty for now… but don’t worry, new blogposts will be appearing very very soon!

I hope you will enjoy and follow both of my blogs. So, once again, here is the link for ‘Darkly Dreaming Moonsong‘ ;-p